Stop Paraquat
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Paraquat – Syngenta’s controversial pesticide  (22.04.02)
Time to phase out paraquat – Syngenta’s controversial pesticide
Workers and farmers regularly exposed to the pesticide paraquat, sold by Syngenta as Gramoxone, experience serious problems with their health. The high toxicity and lack of antidote leads to serious ill-health, and even death, from exposure. The Berne Declaration, Foro Emaus, Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Asia Pacific, PAN UK and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) urge Syngent,a one day before the company´s AGM, to phase out the production and use of this hazardous pesticide.

   Arjunan Ramasamy, Malaysia: Paraquat: Time to go!   (15 KB)
   Testimonies of Costa Rican workers recently injured by paraquat   (0.18 MB)
Background Information
Paraquat: Syngenta’s controversial herbicide. A report written by John Madeley for the Berne Declaration, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Pesticide Action Network UK, Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific, Foro Emaús, April 2002.

   Paraquat: Syngenta’s controversial herbicide   (0.47 MB)
Paraquat in developing countries. Catharina Wesseling, Berna van Wendel de Joode, Clemens Ruepert, Catalina León1, Patricia Monge, Hernán Hermosilla, Timo Partanen, Central American Institute for Studies on Toxic Substances (IRET), Universidad Nacional, Heredia, Costa Rica, 2001. Int J Occup Health July 24, 2001.

   Summary and conclusions   (16 KB)
   Paraquat in developing countries   (0.13 MB)
Poisoned and Silenced: A study of pesticide poisoning in the plantations. Tenaganita and PAN Asia and the Pacific, Malaysia, March 2002.

   Poisoned and Silenced: Contents and Summary   (0.60 MB)
   Poisoned and Silenced: Chapter 1: Pesticides and Health   (0.16 MB)
   Poisoned and Silenced. Chapter 2: Legal Framework   (0.32 MB)
   Poisoned and Silenced. Chapter 3: Women Plantation Workers   (0.40 MB)
   Poisoned and Silenced. Chapter 4: Pesticide Exposure   (0.65 MB)
   Poisoned and Silenced. Chapter 5: Recommendations   (0.22 MB)