The Public Eye Awards 2008
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Meet us in Davos on the 23rd of January 2008. The non-profit organizations the Berne Declaration and Pro Natura will meet in Davos to expose the world's most irresponsible companies. At the fourth WEF- critical awards presentation, well-known Swiss artists will join individuals directly affected by corporate malfeasance to once again offer merciless "critic-tainment" on the social and/or environmental misconduct of noteworthy companies. This time we'll launch a website that is dedicated to everyone with their own opinion willing to contribute it. You have the possibility to choose the most irresponsible companies on from the 10th of January until the 22nd of January 2008. The site is presented in German and in French.

After the ceremony on the 23rd in Davos we'll present a video and a lot of pictures in a gallery on

English media will be able to access the short list and further information on this site from the 10th of January, or by giving Oliver Classen a call: 0041-43-277 70 16. Of course you may also write him an email: oliver.classen[at]

We're looking forward to see you there or to hear from you.

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