Public Eye Awards 2009
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The Public Eye Awards
Everyone’s talking about corporate social responsibility, but there are still far too many companies out there engaging in evil business practices and mistreating people and the environment.

This is why the Berne Declaration (BD) and Greenpeace Switzerland, our new event partner, will give out another round of „Public Eye Awards“ that remind the world’s corporate leaders at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos of their increasing social and environmental responsibility. Pro Natura – Friends of the Earth Switzerland is not involved in this tenth edition of Public Eye. For the anniversary production BD was looking for a new event partner – and found it with Greenpeace.

The last feel-bad awards for the most irresponsible corporations stirred up considerable media attention and various responses from the award-winning companies. The French nuclear multinational Areva for instants set up a special website to counter our „unfounded accusations“ and the commodities giant Glencore from Zug, in accepting its anti-award, promised the nominating organizations it would clean up its act.

Worst corporations, best employees

Again, we looked for corporations that have blatantly disregarded their social and environmental responsibility in a recent specific case or instance for which there is sufficient documentation.

For 2009 we already found our nominees in the following categories and thus completed our short-list for the 2009 awards. The jury's work is though not finished yet - the Award-winners will the be announced on january 28th of 2009.

  • «GLOBAL PLAYERS» (including WEF-member companies)

  • «SWISS COMPANIES» (from transnationals to small or medium size)

  • New: «POSITIVE AWARD» for the most courageous employee:

As in previous years, there will also be an award for a courageous individual or group of individuals whose exemplary action most successfully changed their company from the inside. Possible actions by one or more employee(s) that led to an improvement of a company’s social and environmental performance include in-house initiatives, whistleblowing or a strike. Thus the name of the award.

Find more informations about the Public Eye Awards' election policy here.

For more information call Oliver Classen (Berne Declaration), phone +41 (0)44 277 70 06.

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